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kurt blaine intimacy

When Lurkers Attack

It Mostly Just Tickles

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Kurt, Blaine and Jealousy
kurt blaine intimacy
Spoilers for I am Unicorn While I agree that no one should bash Kurt over anything he did in this ep, in the booty camp scene, Kurt was clearly dismayed by the fact that Blaine would make the perfect Tony. It was also clear that he was jealous at the end of the ep when Blaine was offered the role.

This does not mean that Kurt is a bad person. It means that he suffered humiliation, disappointment, and then his boyfriend beat him in the role he wanted most. It is only human for Kurt to feel some unwanted resentment toward Blaine for gaining the mainstream acceptance that Kurt wants.

Also, we don't know what Blaine's dreams are or if he is as performance -oriented as Kurt, but it was obvious that he wanted the role of Tony quite badly, yet was perfectly willing not to even try out for it because Kurt wanted it so badly. Even when it was offered to him, he hesitated to take what he so clearly wanted and possibly needed to have for his own future.

When you add Blaine's willingness to subsume his own desires with his bizarre decision to leave a reputable and safe school, just to give Kurt an amazing senior year, it is only reasonable to speculate that Blaine is too co-dependent. And knowing how Kurt can steam roll people, it is not unreasonable to speculate that he might be steamrolling Blaine now, But these are just speculations, and we cannot come to conclusions until we view the next ep.</lj-cut?

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I find myself still really like the complications that this episode put out there. I hold all reservations for the next episode but I definitely finished watching the episode with a weirdly positive reaction.

I *love* the complications in this episode. They had actual characetra nd plot continuity throughout the ep. For the first time since season one, I was interested in non-Klaine scenes.

As for Kurt and Blain? Bring on the angst. I'm a krazy klainer, but if they can create real human drama, even of the painful kind, that illustrates their characters, and makes sense, I will be a happy camper. I want to see them break up. In the rain. I can't wait to cry my stupid head off.

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