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kurt blaine intimacy

When Lurkers Attack

It Mostly Just Tickles

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What Kind of Fuckery is This?
kurt blaine intimacy
Any Kurosky shippers out there? This victim-blaming bullshit was posted to Tumblr and then to LJ. I'm a Klainer *and* and Kurtofsky fan, and I was disgusted.


So I’m gonna express an opinion now. This screen cap is relevant. And I’m feeling more annoyed than usual so it’s going to be a little stronger than I will no doubt feel about the same issue come tomorrow.

So, with that:

Two big moments in this episode, the two moments that condemn Dave in the minds of so many shallow 12 year old derps, have driven me a little crazy. There’s the kiss, and there’s this scene.

When I watch this episode, particularly both these scenes, what strikes me most is how much Dave tries to stop them both from happening.

How many times does Dave warn Kurt away in the locker room before kissing him? He tells him to leave, he shouts at him to leave, he wags his fist in Kurt’s face. But Kurt ignores every danger sign and keeps digging.

And this scene? The one that drives every rational Kurtofskian crazy because WHY WOULD YOU HAVE THIS CONVERSATION HERE AND NOW?? Watch Dave try to just fucking walk away. He’s the big bully knocking into Kurt as he goes down, but he also tries to walk away from them and their bullshit public outing.

He tries to go, they keep talking. He tries to go again, Blaine keeps harping, coming in closer. When he finally snaps and plants his fists in Blaine’s shirt to stop him from yelling about how no gay child is an island, suddenly Dave’s the bad guy. Suddenly Kurt is shoving him back, so offended. “You have to stop this!”

Stop WHAT, angel? Stop reacting to you when you won’t let him escape? He tried leaving peacefully, you wouldn’t fucking let him. He tried to warn you out of the locker room, you wouldn’t fucking go.

All I’m saying is that for an angry maniac Dave at least tries to escape without causing damage. And for a couple of sparkly faultless angels, Kurt and Blaine sure as hell don’t let him.

To their credit, most of the posters called the OP on her bullshit, but some didn't/

Link to Source: http://lucyjhale.tumblr.com/post/9183552172/hurm

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It's a bit of a punch in the gut to see this on lj where this stuff is usually cut whereas Tumblr is more more carefree.

As I've experienced sexualized bullying, I'm going to go look at other things now to calm down.

I'm so sorry that happened to you. Why are people so fucking crazy? I'll put this under a cut.

Thanks for making the lj cut - I distracted myself with silly things for a while. ♥

People, especially on the internet, seem determined to show the worst sides of themselves under the belief that they're keeping it real. Meh.

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