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kurt blaine intimacy

When Lurkers Attack

It Mostly Just Tickles

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Seeking websites and articles featuring pop culture metacommentary and essays
kurt blaine intimacy
I'll be teaching a class on pop culture this fall, and I am seeking articles that feature metacommentary or meta-analysis on any aspect of pop culture. Examples include websites like The Online Journal of Buffy Studies. Help?

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I love this one like burning right now: http://blog.commarts.wisc.edu/

Randomly applying research

Hi! You don't know me, I clicked on your profile because I appreciated your discussion in ontd_p and saw you asked this question, and felt compelled to answer.

In addition to the ones already mentioned, I regularly visit (and please excuse my lack of html skills):
In Media Res: http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/imr/
Flow: http://flowtv.org/

Re: Randomly applying research

Thanks for the links. I can't believe you found me through ontd_p. Apparently I am hated there!

Re: Randomly applying research

It's mainly just that outrage flies better than controversial thought there, frequently. I though your points were valid, explaining without fully excusing.

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